Travel-wheel system RB/I size 200 with PUR-bandaged wheel case length 250mm

Material: Housing made of spharoidal graphite cast iron, painted gray. Travel wheel made of GGG 70, with high-quality roller bearing. Version G: With cast iron travel wheel with two flanges, with high load capacity, to be used on rails. Version K: With cast iron travel wheel with PUR-bandage (Polyurethane-Elastomer), for higher traction at low oprating noise. A very robust, universal, maintenance-free travel wheel system available in two sizes. It is designed for various travel applications with wheel loads up to 3.5 t and travel speeds up to 240 m/min (depending on version and load). It can even be used at extreme ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C. Engineers who want to develop their own drive systems can also achieve fast and reliable solutions using the versatile modular construction system. The five connection surfaces are machined and provide for a multitude of connection variants. 4 screws for inverted mounting are supplied. The housing is painted gray (RAL 7001) and can be repainted. The travel-wheel systems can be combined with the geared motors RBM/I to form a compact drive unit.

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part number Größe Ausführung Tragfähigkeit R* bis 100 m/min
Tragfähigkeit R* 240 m/min
Artikel-Nr. Puffer-Set Artikel-Nr. Bolzen-Set Artikel-Nr. Rollenführung
48020084 CAD 200 K (mit Bandage) 1200 700 15,1 480 710 84 480 221 84 480 210 84