Geared motor RBM/I for travel-wheel system RB/I size 200 motor type 90A8/2 400V 50Hz shaft diameter 35mm i=39.4:1

Material: Housing: Aluminium, painted blue (RAL 5009). Gears: bevel-gear system, case hardened, fatigue endurable. Lubrication: Mineral oil. Motor: Three-phase AC Motor 400 V 50 Hz, dual speeed. Other motor and gear box versions (e.g. with frequency inverter or angular gear) on request. Ready-to-mount dual-speed geared motors incl. adaptor flange (as torque support) to be combined with travel-wheel sets RB/I. The mounting position can be modified in steps of 15°. Single Wheel Drive: one geared motor RBM/I is flange-mounted onto one travel-wheel system RB/I. In carriages two opposing travel-wheel sets have to be powered. Central Drive Set: the geared motor is flange-mounted onto the travel-wheel system. The connection with the opposing travel-wheel system is done with a central drive set (this set has to be ordered separately). The connecting shaft (output shaft) is already mounted on the geared motors (covered with protection sleeve and protection cap).

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part number Motor-Typ P*
48221446 CAD 90B8/2 0,80 39,4:1 2,3 46 4