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Central Drive Sets for RBM/I

Material: Splined shaft, coupling, washers and rings made of steel, shaft protection made of plastic. Two sizes available suiting travel-wheel system 200 and 250. Two length for gauges up to 1500 mm or up to 2900 mm. Consisting of: Splined shaft, coupling with pin, shaft protection, washers and retaining rings. The central-drive set serves to combine two travel-wheel sets RB/I with a geared motor RBM/I to make up a central drive. To achieve this, the shaft is shortened to the required length on the coupling side, then the shaft protection cap is taken off the geared motor and the shafts are connected using the rigid coupling. The pin serves as stop inside the coupling. The shaft is fixed in the travel-wheel system with the retaining rings.

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part number Radblock-Größe für Abstand * bis
Wellenlänge ca.
48025684 200 1500 35 1115 9
48025784 200 2900 35 2515 18,5
48035684 250 1500 45 1070 13,5
48035784 250 2900 45 2470 29