Ball transfer unit 350 with steel-sheet housing ball diameter 12mm completely from stainless steel

Material Version 350: Housing and other parts: Stainless steel, Material No. 1.4301. Ball cup: Stainless steel, Material No. 1.4301, hardened. Ball: Stainless steel, hardened, Material No. 1.3541.

Premium ball transfer unit, for low noise pollution and long service life. With felt seal. See also the tolerance rings:

They permit more generous tolerances in the mounting hole. Conveying speed max. 2m/sec. Temperature range -30°C to +100°C.

Note: Due to unevenness of the running surface, there are often only three rollers carrying the weight.

Therefore the chosen load rating should equal at least one third of the load.

Max. distance of ball transfer units = edge length

of the object divided by 2.5.

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found in parts groups:

part number Ausführung Größe Ø dw
Ø D1
Artikel-Nr. Toleranzring* Einbaumaß
65435012 CAD 350 12 180 18 +-0,055 23,3 15,4 7,4 +-0,15 4,4 2,1 0,018 654 390 12 19,70 +0,2