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Reworking and Custom Made Parts


Most DIN parts and many power transmission parts are ready-to-install. But we also have a
lot of elements like sprockets or spur toothed gears, which are on stock with pilot bore.
So, these parts can be reworked to fit to the customer´s shaft. Reworking is possible within
24h-service. At bigger quantities, it is often more economical to make new, custom made parts
instead of the reworking of catalogue parts.

Custom made parts

Other parts than listed in the webshop can also be supplied. We produce special parts according
to customer specification or drawing. At sprockets or spur toothed gears, this may be
economical beginning from one piece up to large series, depending on the kind and
specification of the product.

Our manufacturing capabilities

  • conventional turning
  • CNC-turning
  • milling conventional
  • machining center
  • flat grinding
  • gear milling
  • bevel gear milling
  • gear racks milling
  • CNC-drilling
  • spur gearing grinding up to quality 6
  • trapezoidal whirl
  • round grinding
  • gear shaping
  • straighten out of long parts
  • rolling of trapezoidal up to 70to pressure
  • broaching and fouling of keyways and spline profiles
  • tests and measurements

Warehousing and logistics

We keep your on-call orders ready in stock and deliver reliable and fast.