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Ball Transfer Units 374, plain fit, with Tolerance Ring, Spring Loaded

Material: Housing: Steel, black oxide finish. Inside this sleeve, there is a zinc-plated ball cup.

Ball cup: Steel, case hardened. Balls: Steel 100Cr6, hardened.

Medium duty ball transfer unit for medium high load, springloaded.

Orientation: Ball up or horizontal. Shock loads may be higher than the stated load range. At force Fs max the end of spring travel is reached.

With drain hole. Conveying speed max. 1.5m/sec. Temperature range -30°C to +100°C.

* Bore size. Recommended bore tolerance: H9.

Note: Due to unevenness of the running surface, there are often only three rollers carrying the weight. Therefore the chosen load rating should equal at least one third of the load. Max. distance of ball transfer units = edge length of the object divided by 2.5.

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part number Größe Ø dw
Fs max
65437412 CAD 12,7 400 900 23,9 24,5 30 28,5 10,5 1,5 0,070
65437415 CAD 15,8 600 1100 29,9 30,5 36 34,5 10,5 1,5 0,130
65437425 CAD 25,4 1000 1750 39,8 40,5 48 46,5 10,5 1,5 0,320
65437430 CAD 30 3350 5850 49,9 50,5 60 58,5 12,3 1,5 0,650