Clamp collar single split material steel C45 with profile DIN 14 KN 16 x 20

Material: Steel C45, screw strength 12.9, zinc-plated.

Single-split clamp collars, as end-stops on spline shafts.
These rings don´t damage the shaft. The clamping force is much stronger than with set collars. They are easy to readjust.

Version 1: The thread of the screw DIN 912 is covered with a layer of nylon.
Version 2: with additional nut, for adjusting the inner diameter and as lock nut.
Tolerance b: +0.08mm / -0.25mm . Temperature range: -40°C to +175°C.

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[DIN 912]
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64867500 CAD KN 16 x 20 1 40 16 15 47,6 M6 x 16 - 110